Yann Seimbille

Associate Professor & Peptide Specialist

Yann earned his PhD degree in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Sherbrooke. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), he was appointed as Associate Professor in the department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology. Then, he joined the department of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging at the University of Geneva, where he took the lead of the Cyclotron division and the small animal imaging facility. He was appointed as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and acted as Qualified Person (QP) for the GMP operations of the Cyclotron division. Then, he worked two years at Canada’s particle accelerator centre (TRIUMF) in Vancouver before joining Erasmus MC in July 2017. Now, he is leading the group of RadioPharmaceutical Chemistry and his scientific interests lie primarily in the area of peptide chemistry, chemical biology, multimodality imaging, radiopharmaceutical sciences, and theragnostic. Yann will contribute to FRA GenVax by sharing his knowledge and expertise on the synthesis and characterization of peptide-based drugs.