Changing the perspective of pancreatic cancer.

Bringing personalized cancer vaccines to the community.

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Frank’s personal statement

 In the spring of 2020, I was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma with the encouraging news that it was going to be quite a fight.

After a second and a third opinion that both confirmed my lethal prognosis, I came into the hands of Prof CHJ van Eijck, but not after first completing an 8 x Folfirinox course. Mentioned Folfirinox, which almost everyone is condemned to with such a disease, has mainly been the reason to think about alternative treatments as the chemotherapy not only proves destructive to the tumor but affects your entire functioning. People with pancreatic/pancreatic cancer live on average about 10 weeks after diagnosis...

It is thanks to Prof Van Eijck and thanks to a personalized vaccine that I am still here after 2.5 years. Unfortunately, such a vaccine is not available to everyone. My wish is to change this with FRA GenVax, younger brother of Franklin Biotech Research Foundation, and thereby also boost Prof Van Eijck's (and colleagues) life's work. 

- Frank Snijders, August 2022

Frank Snijders

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