Manufacturing of personalized vaccines

The preparation of individualized vaccines is a highly integrated process that combines the latest advances in genetics, bioinformatics, protein chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

To deliver a highly effective and safe vaccine, the surgeons extract a sample of tumor tissue that is then analyzed by the bioinformatics team. They identify the specific mutations in each patient, and select a collection of peptides that are exclusively expressed in the cancer cells. These peptides will be manufactured with the highest quality and in compliance with all current regulation in a brand new peptide lab facility within the academic hospital of Erasmus MC, in order to provide the personalized vaccine quickly and safely to the patients.


First treatments

The FRA GenVax team has big plans for 2023. In particular, this will be the year of inauguration of our highly specialized laboratories and the beginning of treatment with the cancer vaccine.

Further research

At FRA GenVax we aim to change the prospects for pancreatic cancer patients by offering a novel personalized treatment with peptide vaccines. For this, we do not settle on results: we continuously work with a strong team of researchers to develop a more effective vaccine. Our research focus lies in the selection of the optimal adjuvant, the optimization of peptide production and the development of administration forms that specifically target the immunological effect of the vaccines.

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